We build bridges between companies and their customers all over the world!

  • 1999
  • 2022

We are part of a large international outsourcing contact centre with branches in five countries. We have over 20 years experience in customer service and our own innovative designs. Grow your business while we talk to your customers by phone, chat and email.

  • 22 years

    Sustainable business development with annual profit

  • 24 awards

    Participation in international specialized conferences

  • 20 sites

    In 14 cities and 3 countries

  • We have offices in 16 cities in five countries - that's 5,500+ workplaces and 7,200+ employees. And we already know how to guarantee uninterrupted operation of each office.

  • We guarantee the security of confidential information about you and your clients, as confirmed by an appropriate license.

  • We use our own professional HR management system and other technical and software developments. We will provide flexibility and individual approach.

  • Experience of implementation of the largest and most complex projects for business giants of Kazakhstan and the world

  • We can count your money and will not spend unnecessary. Maximum quality for the best price - that is our motto!

  • We are the first IP-based contact centre in the CIS. This means that we have long been able to do what others are still learning.

  • We work according to industry standards: Telecontact KZ is ISO 9001-2016, ISO 18295-1:2017 certified and we have COPC certified coordinators on staff.

Our achievements since 2011 at
  • 2019

    — Best mega sized outsourcing
    — Best sales campaign
    — Best Incentive Scheme

  • 2018

    — Best Recruitment Campaign

  • 2017

    — Best Incentive Scheme
    — World Finals: Ranked #1
    — EMEA: Ranked #1

  • 2016

    — Best Technology Innovation — Internal Solution
    — Best Outsourcing Partnership

  • 2014

    — Best Technology Innovation — Internal Solution
    — Best Contact Center
    — Best Outbound Campaign

  • 2013

    — Best Technology Innovation — Internal Solution
    — Best Contact Center
    — Best Contact Center Support Professional — Workforce Planning

  • 2012

    — Best Recruitment Campaign
    — Best Incentive Scheme

  • 2011

    — Best Recruitment Campaign
    — Best Contact Center Trainer

20 sites
in 14 cities
in 3 countries of the world
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